The shepherd 

Today as I was driving into work, I saw a beautiful picture of Gods heart for us.

This time of year there are sheep put into manny of the overgrown fields to eat down the grass. Once they have done the job in one area the shepherd collects them and takes them to the next spot where they are needed. 

The shepherd this morning had all the sheep herded up but there was that one sheep……who had lost its way and was stuck in the ravine. I saw him gently lift the sheep up out of the ravine and the sheep took off to join the herd. But there was the shepherd dirty and tired. But he would never think to just leave that sheep in a bad place. 

This is how God sees us. When we get ourselves into a bad place He always comes for us. The question is when He comes for us what is our response? Do we want to stay in our “ravine” or do we run to Him for the salvation we so desperately need? 

Life is all about choices….what will you choose today? 

I choose to keep my eyes on my ever faithful shepherd. 

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