Mother day for a single mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and can I be really honest? I’m not excited….as a single mom Mother’s Day is no different then any other Sunday. 

While I am genuinely happy to see most of my friends celebrated by their husbands, it’s just another reminder for me that I don’t have a husband. 

I have pulled double duty raising my kids for almost 6 years, and they are so sweet to make me homemade gift every year. But Mother’s Day is probably one of the days I feel lonliest. 

That being said I do absolutely trust that in Gods timing, He will bring the right man into my life. I just wish it was now. But I have to remind myself that Jer 29:11 doesn’t say “Pam knows the plans Pam has for Pam” and choose to be grateful for the blessings I have in my life right now. 

It’s a choice even when we feel alone we aren’t. God is always with us, these beautiful people He has given us to raise are with us. 

Choose gratefulness even when it’s hard…..

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