My morning started out visiting a friend who’s son died yesterday. She is feeling the pain a mother should never have to feel. She is broken. She told me “I can’t handle this, it’s too much, I’m strong but not this strong.” 

I told her I agreed. She looked at me kind of surprised when I said it. I told her this was too much. That this is the time when we have to make a choice to lean on our almighty Father God. That when we are too broken to go on, when we can’t begin to understand why, when we may even be struggling with anger towards God because what happened isn’t fair. 

That’s when the choice to trust, press in, put on the worship music, when you really just want to crawl in bed and cry, will make the difference. Reading His Word out loud to remind you and all the demons who are tormenting you, that in spite of the pain your heart and life belong to God. 

His healing will come you. His peace will come. 

We have all gone thru things that have left us broken it’s what we do in those moments that determine our destiny. 

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