I just watched a documentary called “Minimalism: A documentary”.

This was very profound. They talked about how we live in a society that is driven by consumerism. That was have to have the newest thing. We always want bigger, better, more. But that once we get those things we find that there really isn’t joy or satisfaction in gaining something we truly didn’t need to begin with. 

They didn’t base their principles on God, they based them simply on the statement, “If something doesn’t bring joy to your life, then don’t keep it.” 

While I understand and don’t necessarily disagree with this statement in regards to material possessions, this mimimalist Ideology really made me think of how we look to things, or success or fame to feel that we have purpose in our life. When the only purpose that will bring fulfillment is living out the purpose God created us for. 

So while I have definitely been purging this first week of the year of old clothes, and stuff, the biggest purging and minimizing we need to do it removing the  distractions that would keep us living out our purpose. 

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