New beginnings….

As the new year year has now begun and my “Christmas break” is almost over, I look to 2017 with excitement. 

Excitement of the possibilities of what God can do this year, in me and through me. I am starting a 21 days starting this Sunday, along with my church, to fast and pray for God’s clarity for this year.

The possibilities….I feel God calling me to new things and He already doing new things within things I am already a part of. As I dig deeper these 21 days I know He will begin to reveal His plan. I’m sure it will take courage to follow that plan. I might not always know what the next step is, but that is where clarity comes in. 

Knowing Gods voice, just as we know the voice of anyone we spend time with, is how we get clarity. Clarity is knowing without a doubt that we are living out our God given purpose. 

I pray if you don’t already know, that 2017 you will find your God given purpose. He love us so much, and wants us to live fulfilled lives, but we can only do that in Him. 

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