Fixer upper

As the year is coming to an end I am relaxing this last day of the year watching the show Fixer Upper. If your not familiar with the show, people buy homes that are in terrible condition and then the homes are renovated. 

When they go look at the homes they are told not to look at the current condition of the home but to see the potential, the hidden beauty. They are then shown plans for the renovation that will be done. They then have to place their trust in the carpenter that he will be able to do the work. 

The house always looks worse before it looks better. A lot has to be cleaned out, some are taken down to the ‘bare bones’ of the original home. Then the rebuilding can begin once the damaged, broken and unusable has been removed. 

Isn’t this just like God? He sees our potential even when we can’t see it.

He know the plans He has for us. (Jer. 29:11) 

If we trust Him to be our renovater, He can come in, clean out all the past hurts, brokenness and help us to let go of the past. We can then begin to transform us from a fixer upper into to beautiful man or woman of God walking in the purpose He created us for. 

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