What were my goals for 2016? What was something had I prayed for? 

One thing I had as a goal was a new van. My old van was over 10 years old. It had definitely caused me some stress the last 2 years. But God is good and when our church did their yearly 21 day fast last year that was one of the things I prayed/fasted for. 

One the last night of the fast I was offered a job (which I love by the way) and within 3 months I had my new van. It was definitely a miracle. I didn’t have much money to put as a down payment and needed to keep my monthly payments low. God is good and we are thankful, especially when we have to go out of town  (with the old van we couldn’t go anywhere out of town because we didn’t know if the van would make it.) 

I am excited as I begin to think/pray on my goals for 2017. God has always been faithful and as I continue to seek Him, He will be my guide into the new year. 

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